MAC Nude Lipstick Review And Advice On Getting The Perfect Nude

 Blankety. I saw it in the shop and immediately fell I love with it. Could this be the perfect nude and Kylie Jenner 90s look lipstick I've been searching for far and wide?
 Hello all! Sorry I havn't posted in a few days, I was at a family wedding and being from the most stereotypical Irish family, weddings are at least a three day affair (I'm being 100% serious, everyone parties for three days then leaves on the fourth) so keep an eye on the blog for an ootd post showing what I wore.
 Now I'll get talking to what the title says, a review about my new MAC obsession, the Blankety lipstick.
 It's a light pink colour with a brown undertone, a very nude colour which I like since the past few months I've been coveting a colour that is 'my lips but better' alongside a Kylie Jenner/90s type lipstick.

 This is the perfect marriage between the two. Literal. Perfection. I've used it every day since I bought it and also took the small effort to reapply it after a few hours, both are very rare for me since I'm quite lazy with makeup, I don't like wearing a lot of it and if I *sighs wishfully* had clear skin I wouldn't wear any at all.
 It's an 'amplified creme lipstick' and I'm guessing it means any lipstick from that line is a hybrid between the creme sheen and matt formula they have for lipsticks. It's not so soft that it wears away after an hour or two but not so matt that it's almost impossible to apply with a lip brush like some other matt lipsticks or slightly drying to the lips. It's almost completely matt, but not quite, so if applied lightly it can actually look like your natural lip colour.

 I'm in love with it, if your one of my friends you'll know how I've looked for the perfect nude that suits my skintone, I'm unusually pale in the face (even for an Irish person) so for ages I went for lipsticks such as the Kate Moss for Rimmel in shade 101, which I've seen about four or five of my friends wear, then test all of the L'Oréal Colour Riche Collection Privée Nude Lipsticks, all looked too jarring on me, even Creme Cup, a MAC favourite used by Aussie beauty Allie Simpson looked much too bright on me.

 I thought since my skin was so pale, I should go for the palest pink for a nude, but that's the thing, my lips are so pale (there's almost 0 contrast between the colour of my lips and the rest of my face) that whatever colour the lipstick is it will transfer directly as that colour onto my lips, I've no subtle undertone so lipsticks appear much brighter on me. So if your like me and annoying pale, getting a darker lipstick may actually appear much more natural on you.
 It's quite a funny lipstick in a sense, like fondation you can apply different coats. One coat all over evenly it looks completely natural, the second coat is a little bit more of a statement, but only just. It's not as dark or dramatic as Kylie Jenner's lipstick (I don't know what shade it is, I'm pretty sure it's MAC though - without trying to sound presumptuous) but like I said, I was looking for a 'my lips but better' shade.

 Until next time lovelies,
 Gabrielle x

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