Hello all! First of all I would like to apologise for basically abandoning my blog since January, I was in my last year of school and in Ireland at the end of your last year you have exams on all your subjects (sometimes two for each exam, art is something crazy, all together being around eleven hours) over the course of two weeks. (Disgusting I know) I had to choose between this hobby or the deciding factor of which collage I'll go to, guess what I choose?
 As is obvious from the title, my first post since this hiatus is what I wore for my graduation, or rather my graduation night, as we had to wear black robes over our uniform. For my 'grad night' I wore a maroon midi dress from Boohoo. Below is the un-hemmed version, I later took up the straps two inces and got the dress hemmed to just above my knee as a) besides just above the ankle it is the thinnest part of the leg = more flattering, and b) I'm on the shorter side so it didn't give the appearance I was being swallowed by the dress, rather that I was wearing the dress. (Yes super messy room I know)

 I don't have any 'proper' photos of me in the dress (aka nice posed pictures of me taken by a good camera suitable for a fashion blog) but instead i have these photos from the actual night, so you can see how it was irl.

 Accessories were simple, actual, I had none, I felt the neckline on the dress was enough and am actual allergic to a lot of metals so didn't wear earrings, I wanted to enjoy my night rather than feel irritated, which is also why my shoes weren't that high. Instead of my go to six inch heels I went for these pinkish nude four inch heels from New Look. (This wasn't by my choice, my mum has an irrational fear that I'll break my leg wearing my Pennys go to, and who am I to pass up new shoes?)
 It was simple, but I waned something that wasn't too trendy or anything, beacuse it's my graduation and I don't want to look back on these photos in five years and cringe. Saying that, I also don't want to look back in five years and regret for going something boring, which is why I went for something a bit more daring,  a figure hugging dress in dark red. Definetely a different look for me.
 Until next time my loves!
 Gabrielle x

(P.S. How beautiful do all my friends look on their graduation?!)

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  1. omg i love that dress! it fits your body perfectly ♥