Wedding Guest OOTD

 Hello all! As I said in my last post I'd do an OOTD on what I wore to a recent wedding. My dress is from New Look, which appeared on last months wishlist, as you can see from the picture above (feat. my awkward smile) it's a bit low cut so I wore an oversized nude boyfriend blazer that had a slight pink undertone to the church ceremony, I don't have it in any of the photos because these were taken before the actual wedding and the hotel didn't have air conditioning, ok for the usual Irish weather, but it was past 30 degrees, possibly the hottest day of the year!
 For accesories I wore nude platforms heels from Pennys/Primark, which were six inches (ouch!) after a few very painful hours I changed into grey-nude heels that were a much more comfortable four inches.

 For accesories I wore a gold and pearl statement necklace (neither of the components real) from New Look, much like the necklaces Pennys/Primark are wearing that are obviously inspired by the Chanel S/S 13 ready-to-wear line.

 I actually love the quirkiness of the design, also you can see in this picture the detailing of the fabric of the dress. My bag was an oversized slightly flopping white clutch, for an event like a wedding I prefer clutches to be slightly bigger as they can fit more into them, as the day is long and I don't want to be running back and forth to my hotel room to get things such as spare change, my camera, phone, lipstick, powder, ect. One thing I had in my clutch which was a lifesaver was a small bottle of nail glue, as this later happened with my four inch heels.
 Seriously! After one or two drops of the glue I could dance the whole night away and they didn't even budge! (Which has left me to the resolution that I will now always carry a small bottle of nail glue, they're only about the size of my pinky, whenever I go out wearing heels)
 My hair I wanted up not only to look more formal and elegant, but for practicality as weddings in my family usually start mid day and don't end till the early hours of the morning, so I wanted something that wouldn't be in my face or annoy, plus since it was sweltering I really wasn't of fan of anything including the weight of my hair on my shoulders! I had a low, messy bun, with braids running into it, with a slight poof (poof is a word, so I'm going to describe the hairstyle as 'poofy') at the back of the head before the bun.

 My nails, which you will know from my last post, were white, which tied in with the clutch.

  I liked this outfit because it's chic and (I hope it looks) elegant enough to wear to a wedding while still retaining a fresh young aspect of it.

 Until next time lovies,
  Gabrielle x

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