Breakfast at Tiffany’s

 I was super lucky to have my best friend visit me in New York for her 21st. She’d never been to the States and I wanted to make it a really special trip, a mix of touristy and local, cool New York things. But for her actual birthday present I was stuck for a while, what would be the best thing I could get her in New York that wasn’t touristy and as fabulous as the person she is?

 Breakfast at Tiffany’s! It was around the same time she told me she was going that Tiffany’s were doing the promotion for their new collection - painting subways, bodegas and taxis the iconic robin’s eggshell blue when I thought of The Blue Box cafe that only opened in the last year.

 The actual process of going around and getting a reservation is easier said than done. Each day reservations open at 9am EST a month in advance - and they go quick. It took me three days but I finally got us a reservation! 

 So on the last day of her trip (and one of the best weeks I had in NY) we got up and made our way to Tiffany’s, as two small town Irish gals do - totally giddy and trying to look it.

 There’s an array of options and no set time to have a certain meal - you can have dinner for breakfast, or vice versa. We opted for breakfast (of course). We were first treated to a very Holly Golightly croissant with little jars of honey butter, nutella and whipped cream, then Emma went for a salmon bagel and after much deliberation I got the rhubarb and raisin (sounds odd but it was amazing) waffle with maple syrup from the Catskills. You got a choice of tea or coffee and we both went for the tea. It wasn’t as strong as Irish tea but still v v good.

                        Zara shirt worn as dress
 The service was incredible. And surprisingly - the food was too (we both thought it would be good - but more of a cute breakfast date and photo op, it definitely exceeded our expectations).

 If you ever find yourself going to NY, I’d definitely recommend this for any film or fashionista aficionado!

Gabrielle x


  1. OMG this sounds and looks amazing.. the cutest place!

    x Lisa |

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