Debs OOTD and Style Steal

 Hello lovies! While my debs was around three weeks ago I'm only now getting the time to upload images here. A debs is Ireland's version of the prom but instead of being at the end of the school year it is at the start of the school year when the graduating class is in their first year of collage/university or a gap year. I haven't graduated yet but got invited along with the rest of my year to the debs that the past sixth years were having.
 I got a plain navy sweetheart neckline dress, I didn't want anything I could look back on in five years and think "Why did I wear that? Was that even in style?!" or on the other side of the spectrum get a dress I really loved, but come next year when it's my actual debs not find a dress as pretty.

 I got my dress in Coast, after already seeing it when window shopping with my friends I came across it in an outlet centre, from €230 down to €30 and the last one!
 It was only after I had bought it did I realise I felt like I'd seen it before. A quick google and I found Sandra Bullock in a similar dress from the previous Oscars, which is were the 'Style Steal' part if this post comes in.

 Obviously Sandra Bullocks dress is a lot more luxurious and the dress is a little more mermaid like which accentuates her body (which is to die for - aka why I'm not putting any pictures of me besides for comparison) but both her and my dress has a sweetheart neckline which draping then falls to the ground.
 Last I checked you can still get my dress on the coast website, in black, for the more expensive price of €120. I hope you all enjoyed this! Underneath I've a few more pictures from the night alongside my beautiful friends!

(You can tell we're all a huge fan of colour)
 And I have to admit, I commited a beauty sin, I got home at 6 and was too tired to properly take off my makeup with anything else but a baby wipe resulted in this snapchat.

 If it was any other day I can guarantee you my snapchat would have looked like this...

 Until next time lovies,
 Gabrielle x