Boho Festival Haul from Pennys/Primark

Like any high street store, Pennys/Primark is full of boho and festival garments and accessories.
 So far I don't have any plans to go to a festival this year, but that didn't stop me from buying these festival boho pieces, which look great for a summer wardrobe - festival or no festival.

 I got these washed out shorts for €11, cheap and very good quality! They're slightly baggy, which they're meant to be, so is perfect for the girl who may not be 100% body confident (including myself and nearly every other girl) and don't want super tight shorts. I have to say, as far as shorts go they are very flattering.

 The shorts are not high waisted but they have three discreet buttons hidden, instead of a zip.

 One thing I adore is midi rings and got this pack of gold rings for €3, I don't wear them all on the same hand, my fingers too short and it makes me look half mechanical if I do!

 I never thought I'd buy a €10 raincoat, ever, but I did. I see it as an investment, like most Irish people, the rare moments the sun does come out, I get my milk bottle legs in shorts and put on a tshirt, get my bag and go, refusing to think it'll rain and to bring outerwear, but being Ireland rain is inevitable, but with this parka not only it is a raincoat - and being a parka it covers your torso, arms, legs and head (due to the hood) - but it also looks adorable and sweet in pastel blue with daisies, goodbye horrible bin bag ponchos!

 Last but not least and possibly my favourite buy out of this haul is this black backpack, I love backpacks mainly for their practicality and Pennys/Primark have a large range this season, including some very cute petite nude ones, but this one stood out for me as the faux crocodile skin is just that little bit more editorial and chic. It was €10 reduced to €5, I'm sure there is still some left as I have seen them in numerous stores.
 Until next time,
 Gabrielle x

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