Breast Cancer Awarness: #SpotThePinkie

 Continuing with the trend of pink from my last post, but this is a post steered towards helping people.
 October is Breast Cancer Awarness Month and to raise Awarness this year Breast Cancer Awarness took the social media route to raise awarness (which is a brillant idea, it reaches more people and costs basically nothing) and in a fun way.
 The Breast Cancer awareness campaign teamed up with Nails Inc. to create a gorgeous pink glitter nail polish called 'Pinkie Pink' (there are two editions of the nail polish, one with a Poppy Delevingne nail polish cap and one with a Matthew Williamson cap) which ties in with the main awarness idea they had, the hashtag, #SpotThePinkie. The campaign encourages people all around the world to paint their pinkie, yes pink (preferably with their nail polish, but it's okay if you don't.) and post it onto Instagram or Twitter.
 It may seem like something extremely small that you can do to help, but hey, if you have 500 Instagram followers and post a picture of your nails with the hashtag, there's a possibility 200(or more!) people could see your photo and be redirected from the hashtag to the campaign and before you know it, a few more people are informed! Then they get involved and more people see! (It's like a circle)
 I hope you join in! It's a great cause and you can get creative with it! Here are two of my photos from Instagram of me and my friends nails.

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