Best of the Met 2016

Another year has come and gone by, with that a new Met Gala, while it was over a week ago, my post is just coming out now as I had final college assignments looming.
2016's theme was 'Manus x Machina' which was meant to show the difference between handmade haute couture and manmade mass production, old techniques and new technology. (Though it seems some celebs didn't read the memo when attending and upon just reading the 'Machina' part decided to dress up as very stylish cyborgs)
As always this post (which you can find the 2014 version here) focuses not on just my personal favourites of the night, but who I thought most stuck to the theme of the gala, which, surprisingly, is hard to find.
First of, because who else could I start with? Is Claire Danes, in an ethereal Zac Posen. Let me get this straight, Zac Posen is already one of my favourite designers in regard to the Met, I didn't think I'd ever get over the multiple creations that appeared in his name at the Charles James themed met gala, but here I stand eating my own words. His work took my breath away, even more so, in this beautifully created powder blue gown, which was just as beautiful as in daylight as it was in the dark, which illuminated the room like it was the Aurora Borealis. (And took 30 battery packs to keep it going) Not only is this my favourite look because of it's beautiful design, but because it followed the brief so well.

Another favourite from this years Met Gala was Karolina Kurkova, who is no stranger to my 'Best of the Met' posts, she's goes above and beyond when dressing for the Met Gala, one that is noticed by fashion lovers internationally.
Kurkova wore a light up Marchesa gown, but it didn't stop there, Marchesa not only focuses on the 'machina' of the gown but the 'manus' as well, with flower appliqué hand sewn into the dress, where the LED lights were. As if that weren't enough, the lights in the flowers changed colour, done by the IBAM 'Watson' cognitive computer reading tweets directed at Kurkova, changing the colour of the dress depending on the perceived mood of the tweets.

Another favourite thematically was Alison Williams, who wore a dress designed by Peter Pilotto, again flowers were incorporated into the design, they were 3D printed then sewn onto the dress.

Another stunner at the Met Gala was Emma Watson, who's dress was made with 'smart fabrics'. She, like a few others in attendance, wore a Calvin Klein dress, part of 'The Green Carpet Challenge', an asymmetric monochrome gown, made entirely from recycled bottles.

And like that, another year has flown by!
Until next time,

Gabrielle x

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  1. Emma Watson looking as gorgeous as ever... I swear she gets more and more gorgeous every single day!
    Aleeha xXx