September School Wishlist

 Hello all! Sorry my posting has been sosporadic  lately, schools started and took me a little while to get my footing, alongside a new schedule for my blog, every month I do a wishlist and this month I'm doing a special edition on school, since this is officially my last year in secondary (high school to you Americans, collage to British)

1) Diary //  Accesorize
2) Purse // Cath Kidston

  • I always carry a small purse that can fir into a small pocket in my school bag or coat that i keep permanently there with bus cards and few euro, just in case I need it unexpectedly.

3) London Print Umbrella // Accesorize

  • Again, I always keep one in my bag, but then again, I do live in the land of constant rain.

4) Leather Backpack // Nasty Gal
5) Lips Pencil // Accesorize
6) Moustache Pencil // Acccesorize
7) Patent Shoes // New Look

  • My actual school shoes!

8) Leather Pumps // New Look

  • The shoes I would wear for my school shoes if they didn't have any gold on them, yup, my school is notoriously strict on dress code.

9) Navy Coat // New Look

  • If i had enough the school coat I would get, again, strict dress code means it has to be navy, but it's toughened up with the leather patches. A lot more chic than our drab navy raincoats.

 I hope you enjoyed this an got some inspiration,
 Gabrielle x

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