Trend Prediction: The Influences of Bardot

 Bridget Bardot, was a French model and movie icon huge during the 1950s and 60s, women coveted her style and looks, as Bardot famously popularised winged eyeliner and the beehive, one of the most famous hairstyles of the time.
 It is the Bardot neckline I will be focusing on for this article however. While necklines never really go in and out if style (except the turtle neck, which I'm hoping will not come back in, but Kim K seems pretty fond of them so watch this space) the Bardot is set to come back in this a/w. 

 Why, while it is effortlessly elegant, it's almost strapless, but still covers some of the shoulders and has a hint of sensuality to it.
 Another huge reason I believe it is becoming hugely popular again is because of Grace of Monaco which Nicole Kidman is staring in, Princess Grace was fond of the neckline, which of course the costume designers of the film would be influenced by when creating or buying vintage dresses for Nicole.

I mean, who doesn't want to dress like a princess? Whether it be Grace Kelly or a Disney princess! (all drawn with Bardot neckline clothing)

I'll be doing another instalment of this, on where to get Bardot dresses, modern and cheap, for the student budget.
 Gabrielle x


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