Maleficent: Los Angeles Premier Looks

I once heard Elle Fanning in an interview state that when dressing for a premiere she would be inspired by the character she was playing in the movie.
 I could see how true this statement was when I saw pictures of her at the Maleficent premiere in Los Angeles that left me in awe and I could see Angelina Jolie was equally inspired by her villainous role in the motion picture.
 Elle Fanning looked the part when she stepped out in Ellie Saab, one of my favourite designers. My breath, I am not kidding, was taken away when I saw how elegant and regal the young starlet looked. The frosted lavender dress with appliqué flowers usually would look too grown for a young star, but it was so perfectly pulled off, it was like she was a younger Princess Aurora herself.

 Angelina Jolie was also obviously inspired by her character and at the same premier she was wearing an Atelier Versace leather gown. Normally I would never condone a leather gown, but this is one of the very rare occasions I approve.

 She had gorgeous arm candy as well, no not Brad, but a gold spiked bracelet around her upper arms. No amount of spikes could bring my attention away from her waist however, which was miniscule!

 I just can't explain how much I loved the looks at the Los Angeles premier due to how perfectly they fit in with the movie and the actors individual characters. This is how you should be influenced when dressing for a movie premier. Brava to Elle and Angelina for sticking to the theme but not making it look like a costume party.       
 Away from the topic of fashion, after seeing the movie I also have to give it two thumbs up. I will admit the movie may have had awkward footing at some moments where it would be directed too much at adults or too childish (very rare however, I'd advise not to bring little kids just because it might be too frightening) and I came away seriously thinking Jolie could get an oscar for leading actress, the character development is amazing without being too obvious or cliché.
 There's one scene where her character is informed on the birth of Aurora and her face goes from tears nearly spilling over to vengeance in a few seconds. It's just simply amazing acting.
 Gabrielle x

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