The 90s Style Comeback

 Depending on your age it can be hard to believe that the early 90s were twenty years ago, much like a lot of the boybands from that decade, they seem to be having a comeback!
 While I can deal with the 80s bright neons, 60s flower power and 40s pure elagance, I have to stifle a shudder when I think about the 90s and a quote from my history teacher about the 90s in general pretty much sums up the style of the time, "...from the 60s to 80s they were all about changing culture... And the 90s? They just wore a lot of denim back then."
 True to the 90s denim is back with a bang, denim on denim being a huge trend this s/s but I must advise if you take it on pair the outfit with different styles of denim, eg, a dark denim with a light bleached button up shirt can be pulled off in an effortless fashion, but I prefer the return of dungarees which we saw the start of last year that also came in the form of cute dungaree dresses and playsuits.
 Another huge trend is grunge, this time very Cali inspired, think Kylie Jenner. A large contrast from last years boho chic trends such as flower crowns and cute summery dresses. Lots of tarten, leather and plaid. The plaid shirt thus has had a huge comeback, which looks adorable tied around the waist I must add, or slouchily slung over an outfit with shorts and paired with boots.
 Footwear, with huge trends for it coming up this season. Already the ankle boot is a huge trend which I highly approve of, but in true homage to the 90s the clunkier Doc Martins are coming back, tied in with the grunge trend, jelly shoes and Birkenstocks are also back in, which I have to admit gives me the expression of Cher from Clueless in the above photo. Cute frilly socks are accompanying the jelly shoes trend, and it's this micro trend I adore.
 Blunt branding has also come back in, designers boldly having their brand name all over their products, such as Alexandre Wang who laser-cutting so his tops have his name on them.
 I will leave you with one last micro trend, which 20-10 years ago almost had a cult like following. What is it? You may ask. Scrunchies.
 One thing I never though would come back, but has and the trend seems to be growing. Yup, things made of a variable of puffy materials surrounding elastics that people put on top of their heads in the 90s. I must admit I can't decide if I have a love/hate relationship with scrunchies, or just hate/hate. To each their own.
 While I'm quite wary of the 90s influence, I do like a lot of the trends influenced by then, though some I can't imagine will look good or fashionable in 5 years time, (the definition of a trend) I'll give my advice, be careful of buys a little too out there because we've all seen those embarressing family photos of that decade and laughed, thinking "How could they ever reason wearing that?"
 I love embracing new trends, experimenting with clothes and evolving my style, but I'd like to leave the embarrassing pictures due to fashion decisions made back then, that many people now suffer from, in that decade.
 Gabrielle x

P.S. If you're looking for any 90s inspiration, look no further than the hit 90s movie 'Clueless'!

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