Real Techniques: A Real Review

 A few weeks ago I was trilled to receive the Core Collection from Real Techniques Brushes as a birthday present from my friends.
 Just to mention this is a pretty long review and extensive so if you prefer you can just skip down to the pros and cons at the bottom.
 I've been dying to get my smaller-than-average-sized hands on Real Techniques brushes after watching various YouTube makeup videos including them and seeing them in the background of many bloggers photos.
 It was last Saturday that held the dramatic moment, (imagine dramatic music playing in the background) the unboxing! 
 I didn't know what to expect, I will admit I do have a tendancy to over expect from products and I banished delusions of these brushes making me look like Jennifer Lawerence during the Acadamy Awards (makeup and it's tools can only do so much) and instead went foward to get ready for a party.
 My first reaction, honestly, was panic, the buffer brush from the core collection is incredibly soft, but a lot less dense than any other makeup brush I used. 
 "Most of my fondation will sink into the brush, I'll end up using way more than I need and my fondation won't be as smooth!" I thought to myself in fear, I almost gave up and reverted to my old fondation brush, but I remembered how much my friends raved about Real Tecnics and stuck to it and I'm glad I did!
 I don't know how, but somehow the brushes, even though they were less denser than I expected, worked perfectly! The best brushes I've ever used! I used an incredibly small amount of fondation, a lot less than I would use normally going out and there were no streaks or clumps! (which can sometimes happen around the nose and undereye area)
 The buffer brush, while meant more for mineral fondation and powder, I find myself using for fondation because it is big enough to cover areas like the forehead evenly and easy but small enough to get in around the nose and lips without leaving any streaks or uneven patches (we've all seen them) and gave a smooth almost flawless (maybe if I didn't have so many breakouts - teenage skin, it sucks) finish.
 While I was sure my coverage was perfect for the party I decided to try out the pointed foundation brush that comes in the package anyway.
 I used this small narrow flat brush with a tapered edge around my nose, lips, eyes, the small space between my eyebrows and where my nose starts, my chin and espiecially my under eyes. I used this because it was small enough to layer on a little more fondation where you could have problem areas, or when applying fondation I have realised using the buffing brush and pointed fondation brush together it creates an even smoother and more natural finish, getting to places the buffing brush may just miss.
 The next brush I used was the contour brush to apply bronzer. I never really use bronzer but since it was a party (and for the sake of this review) I did.
 The contour brush was very soft, like the pointed fondation brush and buffing brush and I used it after I applied a small amount of blush (with a blush brush I already had) the contour brush is dry small but rounded and it was very easy to apply the bronzer, I put bronzer in the hallows of my cheekbones, the sides of my nose, temples and just a tiny bit under my lower lip. I will admit I don't get the full effect I wanted, but I doubt that is because of the brush I must admit, I'm quite a novice at applying bronzer and the bronzer I have isn't very good (the rimmel sun shimmer matt compact powder, my friends also agree it is a horrible product, the lightest shade still has too much of an orange tint to it) but it was better than any of my other bronzing applying attempts.
 Even though the contour brush can also be used to highlight the face I used the pointed fondation brush for this. I really liked the effect it gave and because of the tapered edges it did not give a harsh line. It really added definition and tones to the face.
 The last brush I used was the detailed brush. I used it for my lipstick. I will admit I prefer my No7 lipstick brush which is denser and I think it applies a more even coverage (which sounds funny because the lips - well mine - are so small) however that is the beauty of the detailer brush, or any of the other Real Techniques brushes, they are and can be easily multipurpose, I think I'll use this brush more for my eyes, it can also be used for concealer but with my skin I have more of a problem with uneven colour rather than huge pimples so fondation alone usually covers it.
 So for the conclusions!
Pros: The pack is basically as cheap as chips, they're about €30 and for the quality, I mean the quality is just amazing, they could easily charge more for it. I am definitely saving up for their eyeshadow pack of brushes.
Cons: The brushes are a lot less dense than I thought they would be and the pointed fondation brush feels a bit too small for me to be used by itself for a fondation base.
Would I recommend this product?: Yes! Definetly, the brushes give a smooth finish and I realise I use a lot less makeup than I did before I had these brushes. The standard is very high and I now understand why they have a small cult like following with fellow beauty junkies. They are also a brilliant present, even for people who may not be as crazy with makeup as you or I (my friends and I pooled our money together and bought one of our other friends who isn't as makeup crazy - but she adores the set)
 So yes, if you are investing in a new brush set, or getting a starter set having never had one before, this would be my go to set.
Gabrielle x

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