New Fall Trend: Tartan and Plaid

 Usually with the arrival of fall we see deep purples, oranges and darker colours more subtle than the previous season, not this season. As you can see with the picture I took inside a shop in Dublin, tartan right now is everywhere!
 Tartan has made a huge comeback, perhaps because of the influence of the Met Ball this year which the theme was "Chaos to Couture" and the red carpet was filled with tartan.
 Why is it so popular? Well, the bold print is nothing but eye catching and with the symmetry and geometrics of it allow it to be easily controlled.
 If you are going to wear it, it best suits leather, white and gold.
 As a result of tartan being on trend, plaid, a slightly less loud version of the print is very on trend as well and is suited towards people who don't want to take the full leap into tartan.
 This is one trend however I won't be buying into. It reminds me too much of my school uniform skirt! I find it very hard to like something you are forced to wear!

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