Style Steal: Jennifer Lawrence

It was when window shopping on New Look the other day I saw this dress and immediately fell in love, it's perfect for New Years, sparkly, but not tacky and has a certain edge of a modern 1920s feel to it, what's not to love? (Not that I have any specific or confirmed plans for New Years - but I love an excuse to get clothes, sue me)
 I knew this dress jogged my memory from somewhere and after a google searc I found out where, Jennifer Lawrence at an Oscars after party. I know they're not exact, the New Look dress has no cut outs, is lighter and has 3/4 length sleeves, but there can be a definite comparison made and I thought it was close enough to include in this Style Steal, the only reason I havnt bought it online is that I want to try it on in person.
 Gabrielle x

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