#ManicureMonday: Nail Repair

 Hello all! This week I've left my nails almost completely bare wearing Sally Hanson 'Hard as Nails' nail strengthener.  It's quite obvious my nails aren't in the best shape, in the summers I can use the excuse they're brittle due to all the seasalt I come in contact with but during the school year I really have no excuse.
 To try stop my nails being so brittle I'm going to test this out, it's €6, so not so bad, I had a similar Sally Hanson before but I felt it just left my nails looking naturally really shiny rather than strong. 
 I've been wearing it for a few hours, I have to say it's got a consistency of a mix between an oil and a varnish, shiny yes, but not so much that the teachers will make me take it off. (As I've said on many #ManicureMondays, the teachers in my school love to impliment the dress code, even down to minute details like nail varnish - any at all is forbidden)
 Anyways lovies, I'll keep you updated!
 Gabrielle x

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