#ManicureMonday: School Nails

 I'm going to say it straight away, this is the worst #ManicureMonday I've ever done, since I was young I've had a habit of picking my nails
(gross yes, and obvious) when in stress and the thought of entering my last year of school I guess got to me and without knowing it my nails are now stubs.
 Plus, with school guild lines anyone caught with even clear nail polish had to clean up in the canteen (cafeteria for all you American folk) for a week.
 A weeks cleaning for wearing nail polish. I kid you not. I decided to take the risk and wear not only nail polish but slightly coloured nail polish, I'm such a badass (I know I'm not, please don't take my internet sarcasm seriously) of course all of this leads to the sad ensemble I've got to show you tonight.
 It can only get better.
 Gabrielle x

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