Style Steal: Jennifer Lawrence

 I've decided to start a new series, once a month, called 'Style Steal', I'm familiar to the fact that a few bloggers do similar things with their favourite celebrity looks, but what I will do is focusing on red carpet/formal events only and replicating that at a reasonable price.
 This month my focus was Jennifer Lawrence (photo from Just Jared) at Cannes.
 Unfortunately we can't all buy (or borrow from stylists) a two piece by Dior (even more so that it's Haute Couture) and Jimmy Choo's, but we can replicate the look at a reasonable price of €79.78. Okay, the whole outfit a bit pricy (even more so if you're like me - broke), but if you take away the shoes (sob) it's a much more affordable price of €37.53.
 Haute Couture is designed to be unique, one of a kind, so sadly no matter how much I scour the internet there will never be a perfect match, I did however find this cute Bambi tee from Asos, it has a similar silhouette and has a single circle print, different but in a way similar to Jennifer's.
 While Jennifer's skirt was not pleated I decided to feature a pleated one from Boohoo because it gives the skirt that little bit more volume, as it does not have the layers the Dior one has. Also, what I've found through this is advice I though I'd share with you, which is that it's quite hard to find an ivory white in a skirt, many brands sell a very light cream or off white and label it as 'white' (H&M, I'm looking at you in particular) which is fine unless you have an ivory top and want it to pair it with the skirt to have it resemble a two piece, in which case the slightest colour difference is a lot more noticeable.
 I'm going to admit it - I'm a slight shoe snob and the thought of metallic heels has me on edge, good in theory, but in reality they can so easily look cheap or tacky, which is why I spent probably longer than I probably should have searching for pointed silver heels for the purpose of this post. I have to say though, I'm glad I did, these gorgeous heels from Asos may be a bit pricy, but they're elegant, classy and have a bit of an edge with transparent inserts.
 We may not all have a face like JLaw's that can suit the pixie hairstyle, or an Oscar in that matter, but for a few fleeting moments you can incorporate her Cannes film festival style into your own wardrobe, stylishly, without a caricature feel to it.
 And that wraps this months 'Style Steal'! I'd really appreciate comments, especially on who you'd like to see in this segment next month.

 Gabrielle x

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