#ManicureMonday And Broadway Nails Review

 For this #ManicureMonday I've decided to go back to one of my favourite nail looks, white hot nails.
 These unfortunatly, are not my own nails, they are from Broadway Nails in a petite size, they cost me a tenner (if Pennys/Primark nails fit me I would have worn them instead as they only cost €1.50) but I'm certainly getting my money's worth, it's now my fifth day and none have fallen off! (Though I've probably jinxed it now)
 The only two critiques I have about them would be the high price tag and that I still had to file them around the edges, but then again I've unusually small hands and nails. I do love that they look natural though, even before I painted over them, they're not that overly pointed shape you get with some fake nails.
 So if you have a long weekend or event happening over the course of a few days and want to have perfect nails, I definitely suggest this brand, they stay on for ages and actually fit if you've small child like hands, such as myself.
 Until next time lovelies,
 Gabrielle x

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