#ManicureMonday: Nude matte nails

 I decided to start a new segment on my blog, '#ManicureMonday" whether it be by my own work or a salons, I will upload new nail pics, tutorials on nail art/reviews every Monday!
 This Monday I decided to do a review on Barry M's matte nail varnish, which I bought in the colour Caramel for €5.99.
 Nude nails are a hot trend this season, as well as matte, so I thought I'd give this a go. I always wanted to see if I could get away with this colour at school. I'd been told to take off clear nail varnish before because of the "distracting shine" it has, so maybe nude and matte is the way to go for school nails.
 I put on the varnish yesterday, two or three coats and to my disappointment it's already chipping, I will admit I do have a tendency to pick at varnish and it would probably last longer over a weekend rather than school. I didn't have a matte topcoat to put over it so went commando on my nails and they suffered the results, I'm currently redoing them with a normal topcoat, which will give them a slight shine, well as the teachers didn't notice them today hoping it happens again...
 Such a pretty colour, if your looking for a pretty but easy to do nail look this season I definitely recommend this.
 Gabrielle x 

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